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Megan Thompson is a legal writer at Lawrina. Megan writes about different areas of law, legal innovations and shares her knowledge about her legal practice. A graduate of American University`s Washington College of Law, she is a legal expert on Lawrina`s team and has a slight editorial touch for all content published on the site. Below is a summary of the various state laws governing the sale and use of non-lethal stun guns. This list is updated with the latest laws and information, but this list should in no way be considered as legal advice and should not replace legal assistance. If you have any concerns, you should research your own state and local laws. In the state of Maryland, it is legal for you to buy, transport, and use pepper spray anywhere in the state to defend yourself. Stun guns are banned in Baltimore City. Contact your local police to find out which laws apply to your place of residence if you have any questions. You can be arrested and charged with a crime if you use them to attack someone, so make sure you only use what you have appropriated. If you feel your life or safety is in danger, non-lethal legal self-defense products are an appropriate option to protect yourself. Carrying a stun gun is similar to carrying a firearm because it is a special law.

There are various laws for possessing stun guns and carrying them in public, where they could be used to injure people. However, there are different restrictions on dangerous weapons of all kinds, depending on your state. There are also state laws and local ordinances that may require a license or permit in case you want to use something like a taser or stun gun that emits an electric charge for personal protection. The reason for this is that some of these dangerous weapons can cause serious injury, and it is up to each state government to decide how to regulate the possession and wearing of these items. In the State of Georgia, peace officers legally authorized to carry Tasers and other stun guns must undergo rigorous training and obtain certification that they are authorized to carry and use such a weapon under Section 35-8-26 of the Georgia State Code. TASER and electronic control weapons. You may have been searched illegally. Police cannot enforce new laws related to these weapons, which allow Tasers to be carried in most Maryland circumstances. Contact a Baltimore criminal defense attorney at Rice, Murtha & Psoras as soon as possible after an arrest at (410) 431-0911. No, it is not. Stun guns are legal in most states, but not legal in Hawaii or Rhode Island.

Different U.S. codes govern the possession of firearms and dangerous weapons, including those that rely on wired power, such as stun guns or Tasers. Almost all states have state codes that designate stun guns as dangerous weapons, such as Alabama`s 13A-1-2 code, which, like most other state codes, states something like: “`Defensive weapon` means a stun gun or a device for dispensing clubs or similar chemical agents that is not intended to cause death or serious bodily injury.” While it`s legal to carry a Taser in Baltimore in many circumstances, police can`t follow the letter of the law. Always talk to a lawyer who specializes in gun crimes in Baltimore as soon as possible after you are arrested for gun possession. The Baltimore City Council voted to cancel and legalize stun guns and Tasers after a federal lawsuit was filed questioning the legality of the ban. The Baltimore City Council voted to cancel and legalize these e-weapons after a federal lawsuit challenged the legality of the ban. The reversal came after the Supreme Court ruled that stun guns are included in the Second Amendment`s right to self-defense. In Maryland, most people can own and carry stun guns for self-defense without a license, which some find troubling.

** A stun gun is legal, but if you have a Taser, you must have a state-issued handgun license. There are many ways people prepare for self-defense. Law enforcement agencies may have the ability to carry a stun gun, have a concealed carrying weapon on them when not wearing a uniform, or use force when serving in the United States. BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore City Council has legalized stun guns and tasers in the city. *Disclaimer: The above laws reflect the best information we currently have and may or may not be complete. This should in no way be considered as the last word on the legal status of narcotic devices, nor should it replace legal counsel or be considered any form of legal advice. Please check with your local authorities for the latest information on the legality of drug devices in your area. As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the end user to review its local and state laws to determine legality. The illegality of stun guns depends on your age, condition, license or not and where you own the stun gun in question.

The table below explains in which situations it is legal, what the extenuating circumstances are, and whether you need a permit. Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Howard County have all banned Tasers and stun guns, and Baltimore City is the last of the three to lift them. Illegal possession of tasers or stun weapons is an offence. Accused can be charged with a separate crime if they are equipped with an electronic control unit when they commit a violent crime. In most states, you don`t need a permit for a stun gun. To own a stun gun, you need a license in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. Absolutely no state allows minors to possess stun guns or Tasers, and it is illegal to sell, rent, give, rent, trade, or provide a stun gun to anyone under the age of 18.


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