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ahhhh.. This.. I`ve heard it`s a very sweet drama to start with LOLs. The show started with great fanfare, a super promising start. The first two episodes got me hooked and wished me more. Just the general idea of unrequited love and clinging to your first love, I`m pretty sure many of us couldn`t wait for the moment when our cold-hearted male leader finally sees the light in the female lead. I think the whole idea is great and at one point I crossed my fingers in the hope that it wouldn`t fall into the bear trap of Thai drama clichés, but boom! What did you expect? Not surprisingly, her husband`s son-in-law took a turn and dove straight into the tropical container of the Thai drama. I was almost incredulous when it hit me, which would happen later. My reaction was literally right, how really? I mean, of course, neither the husband-in-law nor the producers ever claimed that the drama would be “different from the others,” but with the hype and in these modern times, it`s like something in the back of your mind wishes it was different.

But we`ll talk about that later. There are bigger problems I have with the show than just good. Shots. There were a lot of confusing things, I`m not kidding. Throughout the drama, My Husband in Law showed a penchant for stacking scenes that didn`t seem to make sense and letting them last as long as possible before revealing the twist. Then they expect everyone to get on board. WARNING: Well, before we start anything, I`ll just say here that this review is full of SPOILERS! So don`t read on unless you`re someone who likes something like that. This review is more for people who have already finished the drama and want to read someone else`s point of view on it. This is neither a summary nor a recommendation article! Because I`m warning you now, I`m diving deep into my baby, so don`t come up to me with your pitchfork.

I will also touch on some sensitive issues, so you have been told in advance. When this is said, fasten your seatbelt, children, because it will be long. I`ll put everything in it. There are a lot of things I want to say, so I`ll try to divide it into sections if I can. THAT`S ALL I THINK! The Lakorn has a happy ending and after all that, they`d better have a happy ending. I didn`t experience all this to avoid a happy ending! Haha! There was also a message of self-love and that your happiness should not depend on others. I liked that in the end, everyone was served their true karma, good and bad. The way the characters did their duty with flashbacks of what happened before was quite satisfying. The beauty of My Husband in Law was that, while investing in the happy endings of its main characters, it also offered happy endings in various forms, such as Chet and Not. Another problem? There were simply too many filler scenes, beauty photos, and advice from Mark taking off his shirt and bathing. Have you had an accident? Let him take off his shirt.

Are you stuck in the middle of nowhere? Shower scene. Dealing with a life-threatening problem? Take a bath and cry. It`s happened many times! There was even a ridiculous scene in which Muey dreamed that Tian was a god descended from the sky and bathed in the river of mere mortals. Guess what? He was also shirtless. Male objectification was very real in this drama. Yada sought love, perhaps more like comfort, from Thien because she was verbally and physically assaulted by her husband Pondayt (the gangster). There were many scenes where she was physically assaulted by Pondayt and ended up in the hospital. The attack on women in Thai Lakorns is something I don`t miss. Even during the time when I watched them more often, it still bothered me to see how these women could be attacked by these men and still love them. I love the fact that Yada developed some self-love and was able to let go of Thien and divorce Pondayt. She often called it a release. I haven`t seen Thai Lakorn in a few years and was pleasantly surprised at how much I appreciated my husband-in-law, although there were some parts they could have done without.

I can understand why this drama was so loved by many last year (it was so well received that it is currently being re-aired in Thailand). If you`ve never seen a Thai Lakorn before, don`t expect the same quality you`d get from a Korean drama. This is not meant to overshadow the Thai Lakorns, it is a different type of drama and should be treated as such. She had so much more potential to become a really complex character, because other than her love for Thien, we never learned much about her (at least in the first half of the show), but when we did, she became like any other Thai female role we had there. She was perfect in everyone`s eyes and the only exception was our male lead. She was good at everything and had not a single flaw to correct except her eternal love for Thien. Do you see a trend here? All her fights are only related to Thien, but it never depends on who she is. If you remove Thien, all that`s left is a main woman who is already good in everything, pretty and perfect in every way. Chet: He was a lovely character. Nothing malicious about this man. He was also intelligent, openly gay and such a good person. I`m heartbroken that it didn`t get its fairytale ending, but not everyone can live happily with the person they`re looking for, so it was a nice touch of reality.

I love him as a character, but the show wouldn`t be any different without him. Let me manage your expectations from the start. My Husband in Law is riddled with plot holes, inconsistencies and problematic script writing that it will be a challenge to get through 15 episodes of an hour and a half of episode.


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