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In particular, McKinsey does this by assigning more responsibilities to associate interns: they can typically lead or semi-direct a workflow. A common practice is for the engagement manager to hire another subordinate but senior employee, such as a business analyst, to pave the way for McKinsey. Throughout the project, associate interns report directly to the engagement leaders. MBA applicants also have a little more time to apply compared to undergraduate applicants. At the MBA level, applications for summer internships usually close in early December (for U.S. schools). You must therefore submit your application in the first days of December if you want to have a chance to participate in a McKinsey summer internship. By nature, the work of business analysis interns is very similar to that of full-time business analysts. Typically, business analysts monitor the “manual” work of a project, while engagement managers manage the big picture. Second, Fellow Internship is a program offered at select McKinsey offices in Europe and Brazil. It is similar to the business analyst internship in many ways, but it does not seem to have the same requirement that applicants are in their first year (or penultimate year) of their non-commercial bachelor`s or master`s degree.

If all this sounds generic, watch this video where I broke down the detailed work processes of my first project as an intern at McKinsey Business Analyst. Thirdly and finally, McKinsey offers so-called “local office” internships. And these represent a variety of internships that are outside of the other programs mentioned above. These are usually hosted by one (or a few) McKinsey offices. You can find these opportunities by networking with consultants and executives. Sometimes you can also find this kind of opportunity on the McKinsey job board. At the time of writing, there were more than 25 local office internships at McKinsey spread around the world. Much of the selection process for internships at McKinsey involves case interviews conducted by managers – these interviews are expensive because they deprive these managers of income-generating hours. If you feel you need more support and a structured preparedness plan, we`re here to help. For more information, check out our McKinsey training program on case interviewing.

This training program is designed for full-time positions, but since the interview process is similar, it will also be helpful in preparing your internship application. Take a look at the snapshot below, where I`ve summarized the salaries, duration, application deadlines, and eligibility criteria for both McKinsey internship tracks: undergraduate and MBA: In addition to the Business Analyst internship, there are a few other McKinsey internships you might be eligible for as a student. Most of these other opportunities come from one of the following 3 programs: There aren`t as many other types of MBA internships at McKinsey as at the undergraduate level. The associated internship is the first opportunity, but there may also be so-called “local office” internships. Similar to undergraduate internships, the salary and timelines of McKinsey MBA internships can vary due to a number of factors, such as office location and your functional expertise and experience.dem. Most MBA candidates hired by McKinsey come from a small group of target schools. If you attend one of these target universities, you may be able to get more information about McKinsey`s internship opportunities directly from the company`s recruiters. Interns receive $6,700 per month during the ten-week internship. Total compensation for the summer is approximately $17,000.

McKinsey`s internships are very competitive with some of the biggest tech companies, paying a little less than Google and Microsoft internships. Landing a management consulting position at a large company right out of college can result in a salary package of over $100,000 for top employees – and more than $200,000 for recent MBAs. If that`s enough to get you excited about a McKinsey internship, you might also want to know the application deadline. At the bachelor`s level, applications for summer internships generally close in mid-October. There may be a few exceptions, but generally, if you want to participate in a McKinsey summer internship, you must submit your application by the second or third week of October. • Junior subdegree or a second year of a non-commercial master`s program At the MBA level, McKinsey`s main internship program is the Associate Intern role. Similar to the Business Analyst internship, the associate internship is named after a normal full-time designation at McKinsey. If you`re not sure where the role of partner fits on McKinsey`s career path, read this article for a helpful overview. The type of projects and team structure you`ll encounter as an associate intern are also very similar to what you`d encounter as a full-time associate at McKinsey. As an exercise, let`s take a look at a general example of the type of project you might encounter at McKinsey.

For their internships, McKinsey typically uses an interview process similar to the process for full-time positions. There are some variations depending on the position you`re applying for, the location of the office, and your school. However, in most cases, the company uses four filters to select candidates: Below is a list of top schools targeted by students based on survey data conducted among current McKinsey employees. The data in this list was originally taken from this article by Poets & Quants. Keep in mind that internships may not be available at all of the schools on this list, and things change over time, but these are known to be some of McKinsey`s biggest sources of undergraduate talent. McKinsey internships generally fall into two areas: bachelor`s internships and MBA internships.


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