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Fixing a working day within the company is one of the most important tasks, as it defines the time during which the employee provides his services. Overtime is paid one hundred percent more than the salary, which corresponds to the hours of the day. Working hours, whether intensive or shared, holidays, permits or cases of reduced working hours are some of the main determinants of appropriate arbitration. The company may apply a reduction of the working day between ten and sixty percent due to the combination of economic, technical, organizational or production causes or due to force majeure. Peru is the country that tops the list with the highest number of workers with weekdays longer than 48 hours with 50.9% of its employees, followed by the Republic of Korea with 49.5%, Thailand with 46.75% and Pakistan with 44.45%. The findings of this study are worrying, particularly because of the persistence of excessive working hours. The discharge contract may be carried out on a full-time or part-time basis. If he is full-time, the reduction in the working time of the employee who wishes to retire can reach 75%. In order to determine the length and design of the working day, it is important to understand the legal framework within which the working day is to be developed.

In its overall conclusions, the study points out that almost 100 years after the adoption of the first international labour standard for working days, there are still significant delays. It follows from all this that we consider it crucial that there be special days and therefore propose that they be integrated into labour law as follows: The dependence that characterizes the employment relationship can be: the case of Mexico is a good example of this phenomenon. In Mexico, the average age of the workforce has increased and many workers over the age of 60 not only continue to work, but also work long hours. The maximum daily working day is 9 hours. This rule is respected unless the collective agreement or the agreement between the company and the employees provides otherwise. The working day in Spain has three sources of regulation: the working day is agreed either in the collective agreement or in the employment contract. However, it has a legal limit of 40 hours per week, which must be evaluated throughout the year. This means that the maximum working day may be exceeded in some weeks, but must be compensated in others.

If an employee intends to retire, his working days and salary must be reduced between twenty-five and fifty percent. In this case, a discharge agreement must be concluded in order to fill the vacant position. The working day may also be extended by exceptional circumstances, which may not exceed three hours a day or three times a week. In the event of an accident or imminent danger endangering the life of the employee, his colleagues or the employer or the existence of the company, the working day may be extended for the time strictly necessary to avoid such inconvenience. “The special working day is determined by an agreement between employees and employers, which usually involves more than 8 hours of work.” If the employee cannot leave the place where he provides his services during rest or meal periods, the corresponding time is counted as the actual time of the working day. In any case, if there is no agreement that allows the company to distribute the working day irregularly under certain conditions, it can distribute 10% of the working day irregularly under certain conditions: The above-mentioned law regulates three working days and sets a limit for each of them, as shown in the following table: If you know the topic in detail, HR managers can set clear guidelines for working time in a timely manner. In the context of labour law, of course. Fatigue can increase the likelihood of a workplace accident. In addition, fatigue can facilitate the employee`s activities in a way that could lead to an occupational disease. Depending on the activity performed, sooner or later fatigue may occur, which determines the possibilities of configuring the working day. In Mexico, this day is usually divided into two types: one is called full-time and the other part-time. Not to mention that there is also night work and mixed work, which are also used by companies that request them.

The labour and social security systems are governed, inter alia, by the following laws: In case of violation of the maximum time limits for the duration of working days or refusal to recognize this right in writing or orally, we ask you to contact one of the offices of the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland for the Defence of Labour, where a lawyer will provide free, personalized legal advice in federal labour matters. The productivity of each worker is very difficult, if not impossible, to measure. It is much more difficult to estimate how the productivity of each individual employee will develop by increasing or decreasing the workday.


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